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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Pat expertise lies in the ability to recover data from a wide range of primary storage devices which have suffered corruption or physical failure.

Our dedicated research and development teams are always investigating the latest technology, while ensuring our capabilities meet the demand of our clients. As a result to this extensive research, we are able to repair/reconstruct damaged devices and offer unique advanced method procedures.

Types of Recovery Available

Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives

Data Recovery is available on internal & external formats, for a wide variety of connection types including IDE, SATA & USB.

Recovery from common faults such as non detection, clicking or a complete disk failure.

USB Connected Storage

Portability of these devices often results in dropping, washing or crushing the USB device. Our Data Recovery Services aim to restore the inaccessible data.

Memory Cards

Due to the high capacity of memory cards, storage of digital photographs are a common occurrence but back ups of these cards are very rare. Unfortunately, if a memory card fails, we would look to recover all the images stored on the memory card.

CCTV Recorders

Home and business security has increased with CCTV no longer an expensive option. Should the recording unit fail, potentially leaving key footage out of reach; Patel Forensics would aim to recover the recordings as well as offer the option for decoding for viewing on a standard PC.

Mobile Devices

The current models of mobile phones include just about everything needed digitally; included high resolution cameras, email facilities and other personal information storage.

Damage to mobile devices can happen and Patel Forensics would aim to obtain all the stored data in a process that is both preservative for the data.

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